Project Orphan Black: How I Became A Part of Clone Club


Photo: TVLine.com

The next season of Orphan Blackpremieres this Saturday, April 19th, on BBC America for us here in the US and Space Channel for those in Canada which gives you more than enough time to catch up on the hit show! Seriously, the season is only ten episodes and once you start watching those, you aren’t going to stop. You’ll sacrifice sleep and productivity for the show not only…

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You guys should probably see me fangirl about orphanblack and the greatness of the Clone Club.



Well Rachel (…#AreYouMyMonitor?) you asked at the perfect time. If you’ve seen the OBingo cards in prize pack posts and reeeeally wanted them, you can now download them from this link right over here. 

Included are some Orphan Black wallpapers, one being COSIMA’S LAPTOP SKIN, so now the inside of your computer can look like the outside of Cosima’s.

Crazy science? BINGO.




Holy watershed! orphanblack knows how to give presents. Who knew so much swag could fit in a cute little box tied up with a bow even Alison would approve of.

Inside this magical box (that must have been bigger on the inside) is as follows:

- A DYAD Institute notepad with a personalized message from OB Tumblr.
- Four OB stickers
- Three #CloneClub bracelets
- A box of Jell-o with sugar packets (Helena must have gotten her hands on the box before the sent it out.)
- A “One of a Kind” Orphan Black Tote bag
- Two pins (The Punk Rocker & The German)
- Orphan Black Bingo cards (with hilarious squares like “90s hit music” and “Delphine’s hair does the thing”)
- Season One of Orphan Black on DVD

YOU GUYS. I’m geeking out like a regular geek monkey over here. Who’s coming to play Bingo at the Orphan Black party I obviously have to throw now. (With Jell-o shots, obviously.)

Every time I see someone post their OB swag 1) I get so jealous 2) I remember every time why I love everything about them and it’s because they send you a pack of Jell-o and f-ing sugar packets. PACKETS OF SUGAR.



Obsessed with Sarah’s “punk rock ho” style? Here’s your chance to score her sweet London Calling tee!

Q: I’d kill for that shirt. HOW DO I ENTER?
A: Easy. The Clash is one of Sarah’s favorite bands. We want to know why Orphan Black is one of your favorite shows. Tweet why you think Orphan Black rocks with the hashtag #CloneClub, and you’re automatically entered to win. That’s it.

Q: When should I start tweeting!?
A: Now. The giveaway starts at this very moment, and ends TONIGHT, April 10th at 11:59PM est. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Q: I want to enter at least 300 times. Is that cool? 
Tweet as many times and as often as you’d like. Just remember to include the #CloneClub hashtag.

Q: I love contest rules. Can I take a look at the fine print?
A: You sure can. Right here: http://www.bbcamerica.com/terms-and-conditions/#twitter-rules

Q: What’s the first thing I should do if I win?!
A: You should definitely take pictures and post them on Tumblr and Twitter and Pintrest and Facebook and Instagram and do as much humble social bragging as your friends and followers can withstand. You SHOULDN’T break any laws in Sarah’s t-shirt, even if wearing it makes you feel like a real badass.

Q: Why didn’t you just keep the shirt for yourself?
A: We were so tempted. But ya know, the joy of giving and all that. *Starts quietly weeping.*

Start tweeting #CloneClub!

Oh also. You have to be following Orphan Black on Twitter to win. So follow us. Our tweets have been described as “actually pretty funny!” and “coherent, usually.”